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If you have been invited here, or even if you just happened to stumble upon the site, I bid you welcome.

I am seeking feedback on my next little project.


Please direct your comments to:



If left in its current page format, I hope to have the website up and running with about three hundred magazines and about 2,500 full illustrations (included in about 4,000 full-page scans) by mid-2016.

The site will include interactive lists sorted to identify illustrations by artist, author, and possibly title.

The first magazines listed on the site will include those in MY COLLECTION from:


Amazing Stories

Thrilling Wonder Stories

Fantastic Adventures

Famous Fantastic Mysteries


In my current concept, you would be able to browse individual magazines, such as those listed to the left, which are all from random issues of Amazing Stories. Or, you would be able to access a spreadsheet to see all the interior/exterior images relating to stories by an author and click the link to the magazine where that picture would be displayed. Likewise, you would be able to access another spreadsheet to view all interior/exterior pictures by an artist. Here's what I have so far:


Database sorted by AUTHOR

Database sorted by ARTIST


In particular: I wish to know if there are any harsh feelings toward the displaying of the first few paragraphs in each story. It would be impossible for me to Photoshop out the text in each and every individual opening page where an illustration exists.

My feelings:

1)  The concept of Fair Use provides for short examples of literary works.

2)  There is, in my opinion, no financial harm done through the reproduction of the first few paragraphs.

3)  Indeed, if anything, presenting these opening lines would tend to make a person want to seek out and purchase the full work.


I value any input about your feelings concerning this project, whether personal, professional, legal or ethical.


- Bruce Black