Amazing Stories - September, 1928



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Scan Story Author Artist
AmSt2809-cvr Results of the $300 Prize   Kaufman, A.A.
AmSt2809-01 Ambassador from Mars Vincent, Harl Paul, Frank R.
AmSt2809-02 The Invisible Bubble Meadowcroft, Kirk Paul, Frank R.
AmSt2809-03 Unlocking the Past Keller, David H. Paul, Frank R.
AmSt2809-04 Results of the $300 Prize    
AmSt2809-05 Results of the $300 Prize    
AmSt2809-06 The Great Steel Panic Lester & Pratt Paul, Frank R.
AmSt2809-07 Skylark of Space Smith, Edward Elmer Paul, Frank R.
AmSt2809-08 Skylark of Space Smith, Edward Elmer Paul, Frank R.